Blind shipment options with daily local deliveries

from our customs bonded warehouse. Allow for the deferral of customs and tax obligations.

Warehouse Features

  • 24/7 Video Surveillance (Interior / Exterior).
  • Modern RFID security gates at all points of entry / exit.
  • Rapid response security protection and superior alarm services.
  • Fully automatic fire sprinkler systems.
  • Sanitation services ensure our facility is kept clean and pest free.
  • Full building systems maintenance and inspection.
  • Fully insured operations.
  • Rapid emergency response.
  • Every item moved in or out is inventoried and recorded.
  • Climate, moisture, dust and pest controlled.
  • Bonded warehouse.
  • CTPAT Certification (In-Process)
  • ISO Certification (In-Process)
  • RFID Tracking of all packages

Delivery Services

One2Send matches shippers with the right carriers to ensure secure, cost-effective, just-in-time delivery. We consolidate your shipments with the best carrier for the task at hand.

Our experienced transportation managers have the expertise to align your organization's needs with the partner carrier that best suits your time and budget requirements.

As your transportation provider, we provide freight bill audits, order tracking and freight consolation to help you reduce costs without sacrificing quality or on-time delivery.

times of shippment times of shippment

Canadian import timelines

OGD = Other Government Departments
Mode Release option Notify one2send Notify canada customs & OGD
Truck Non-OGD PARS Min 2-3 hours prior to arrival 1 hour prior to arrival
OGD PARS Min 4 hours prior to arrival 2 hours prior to arrival
Rail Non-OGD PARS Min 4 hours prior to arrival 1 hour prior to arrival
OGD PARS Min 4-6 hours prior to arrival 2 hours prior to arrival
Air “Wheels Up” Non-OGD (Air Canada only) Min 2 hours prior to “Wheels Up” 1 hour prior to arrival
“Wheels Up” with OGD (Air Canada only) Min 2 hours prior to “Wheels Up” 1 hour prior to arrival
Ocean Non-OGD or OGD Any time after vessel or container arrives in canada but minimum 8 hours prior to arrival in Canada Min. 24 hours prior to loading at foreign port
For other variations, please contact us for minimum prior notification guidelines.

Logistic Services

In order to assist in meeting the changing needs of your supply chain, One2Send Distribution and Warehousing can provide logistics services to manage the flow of your goods and related information. We will help you to manage your supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively.

One2Send will provide full support in the planning, implementation and management of your supply chain. One2Send can apply its expertise in implementing an effective system for the forward and reverse flow of your goods. Outsourcing your logistics needs to One2Send can be a very effective cost savings solution in the reduction of your direct warehousing expenses.

One2Send Distribution provides a professional, fully maintained contract warehouse facility located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We consistently provide excellent opportunities to reduce customer overhead, improve cash flows and maximize returns on existing assets.

White Label Packaging

We can package shipments with your logo and branding for a first-rate Canadian presense and connection to your customers.

types of packaging

Our RFID control operation provides full traceability.

Coupled with and assets management, we ensure you always have an eye on your inventory.

One of the keys to a profitable business is the efficient operation of the warehouse using an RFID warehouse management software and barcoding. The automation functions of warehouse management system (WMS) enable a company to effectively manage and control all aspects of warehouse or distribution operations. With accurate RFID inventory and the appropriate data collection infra-structure (barcode and RFID), you will increase inventory accuracy, improve order picking accuracy, boost shipping throughput, reduce inventory.

It provides the core functions for warehouse operations, including physical inventory, shipping, receiving, and picking, as well as management features such as queries, reporting and barcode labeling.:

types of packaging


Apple Rock's trade show storage services are ready to house your trade show booth, exhibit, display or advertising in one of our climate-controlled warehouses. We have warehouse trade show storage facilities across the nation including right in Las Vegas and we can accommodate any display, exhibit or booth of any size.

Not only can we store your display, we make sure it arrives safely on time, and we can even set it up for you. Our storage services include:

  • Tradeshow display & exhibit shipping.
  • Configuring and packing your booth.
  • Display construction.
  • Inventory, crating & casing your display.
  • Real-Time shipping tracking.
  • Display cleaning, repairing damage and preparation for packing.